MYSA Requirements

MYSA Adult Registration, Risk Management, and Education Requirements

Every adult who volunteers or works with NGS in ANY capacity (referees, board members, coaches, team managers, etc.) must complete several MANDATORY national requirements as part of US Soccer’s Safe Soccer Framework:

  • Register with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA). This triggers a background check (CORI) and adds you to our insurance. (Required annually; 5 minutes.)
  • Complete 1-time CORI Verification Process. The verification process is different than having your CORI processed and happens with our local risk manager. New volunteers must email her at to make arrangements. She will review your CORI Acknowledgement form and government issued ID in person, over video meeting, or by sending a notarized form.
  • Complete the SAFESPORT ABUSE PREVENTION course online through the US Soccer Learning Center. (Required annually; 30- to 90-minute modules depending on whether you are taking the first course or the refresher course.)
  • Complete the INTRODUCTION TO SAFE AND HEALTHY PLAYING ENVIRONMENTS (concussions and other emergencies) course online through the US Soccer Learning Center. (Required every other year; 60-minute module.)
  • Complete an annual review of MYSA policies.

Every adult who volunteers or works with NGS in ANY capacity (referees, board members, coaches, team managers, etc.) must complete these MANDATORY national requirements as part of US Soccer’s Safe Soccer Framework.

The NGS Registrar will provide you with a MYSA credential after you have completed all of the registration and risk management requirements. Credentials expire after one year.

The primary purpose of the Adult Credential is for all parents of children to feel comfortable that all adults involved with their training, safety, well-being, coaching, etc. have been properly background checked, completed required course trainings, and are in good standing (registered and affiliated, thus insured) by Mass Youth Soccer.

If you are also volunteering for Newton Youth Soccer, the credential may be used for both organizations.  However, you must list BOTH organizations on your MYSA Adult Registration.

Use the MYSA Adult Registration Portal to register every year. Read the instructions on each page during the registration process.


  • Your browser must allow pop-ups in order for you to complete all of the sections.
  • New users will need a photo (passport style) and their driver’s license information handy.
  • Returning users must use the same email address/account login details as previous years. Do not create a new account.
  • Set up the NGS SportsConnect Club account, the MYSA SportsConnect Association account, and the US Soccer Learning Center account using the same email and name to avoid syncing issues.
  • Detailed instructions and help guides are posted on the MYSA website.

Contact Sports Connect Support for help with any MYSA registration issues, such as duplicate accounts, issues with password retrieval, or issues with single sign-on.

Stack Sports Phone Support: 855-703-2558
Phone Support Hours:
Monday – Friday from 12pm-7pm EST
Saturday from 12pm-5pm EST

Successfully completing your annual registration with MYSA initiates background checks (national & state sex offender registry search and national criminal background check through JDP; CORI through Commonwealth of Massachusetts). Background checks are processed generally every 3 years.

After you complete the annual registration, use the U.S. Soccer Connect Login Portal to log into your MYSA account.  Once you log in, you may use the tabs located under your photo to

  • Check your risk status (Applications Tab)
  • Update your personal information (Info Tab)
  • Check your training status and find links (Certificate Tab)
  • Print the CORI Acknowledgement form (Print Documents link)

Yes, the NGS Sports Connect Club registration platform is linked to the MYSA Sports Connect Association platform, but you must still register annually directly with Mass Youth Soccer.

Because the platforms are connected, if you have registration data in either platform, you must connect to that account by using the same first name, last name, date of birth, and email address. Using a different version of your name on one registration platform will create a duplicate account (i.e., Dan vs Daniel). All soccer related registrations should be completed using your legal first and last name, and email address to allow for auto approval of training requirements when possible and synchronization of registration accounts (Sports Connect Club and Association).

SafeSport Abuse Prevention is training on how to prevent, notice, and report Child Abuse and is a yearly MA Youth Soccer requirement for ALL adult volunteers, coaches, and board members.

SafeSport has a four-year course cycle. The first course is Core Training (1.5 hours). Adults who continue to participate must complete a refresher course (30 minutes) each year (Refresher 1, 2, or 3). After the 3rd refresher course, they will take Core Training again and start the cycle anew.

The FREE course is offered by the U.S. Center for SafeSport and is accessed through the U.S. Soccer Safeguarding Center.

Mass Youth Soccer requires all adult (coaches, team managers, administrators, board members and volunteers) to complete a concussion awareness course as a part of their Adult Registration and Credentialing requirements.

We recommend that you take the Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments course through the U.S. Soccer Safeguarding Center. Understanding and knowing how to react to emergencies is an important part of our responsibility as leaders in the sport. The Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments training will help you identify and respond to common issues that occur on the field.

This 1-hour training module must be completed every two years. If you completed your training June 1st or later of the prior year, you are in fulfillment of the Mass Youth Soccer policy.

MYSA will also accept the CDC Head’s Up coach course.

An integral part of a coach’s role is to ensure the safety of our participants. Collectively, we are responsible for providing a playing environment that is healthy, non-threatening, and free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Visit the MYSA Safer Soccer Hub to review the following essential policies:

  • Athlete and Participant Safety Policy
  • Abuse Prevention Policy (Safe Sport Act)
  • Codes of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Weather Policy
  • Concussion Policy
  • Goal Safety Policy

MYSA Credentials are to be physically worn. We expect all coaches to make every reasonable effort to always wear their credentials while working with the children.

In order not to hamper their activities (coaching, running, etc.) they may, if necessary, store the credential with their personal belongings.

If you need a new lanyard or plastic sleeve, please email

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