Our Leadership Team

Get Involved!

We are looking for volunteers and Board members who:

  • Dedicate themselves to equitably serving all NGS players, from kindergarten to high school, from most casual player to girls who may someday play in college.
  • Understand that the lasting benefits most girls will get out of their soccer experience will be friendships, life lessons and good health, not trophies or medals.
  • Appreciate that NGS occupies a special place not only in our city but in the world of youth soccer, as one of the only programs focusing exclusively on the needs of girls.

There’s a volunteer job for virtually every skill set and schedule. Contact us to find the perfect role!

Who’s Who in Newton Girls Soccer

Board of Directors


  • President: Nick Nesta
  • Treasurer: Nina Levin
  • Clerk: Holly Henson


  • Ashish Chhabra
  • Anne Cedrone
  • Barry Elliott
  • Craig Greiner
  • Clint Huston
  • Ioannis Kyratzoglou
  • Ana Mercurio-Pinto
  • Lucy Mermagen
  • Molly Perencevich
  • Sara Ross
  • Justin Traxler
  • Luke Van Hengel
  • Devon Welles


Programs Support


  • Program Director: Devon Welles
  • 3rd Grade: Molly Perencevich
  • 4th Grade: Luke Van Hengel
  • 5th Grade: Devon Welles
  • 6th Grade: John Salemme
  • 7th Grade: Clint Huston
  • 8th Grade: Lucy Mermagen


  • Program Director: Ana Mercurio-Pinto
  • Kindergarten: Open
  • 1st Grade: Sarah Strattman
  • 2nd Grade: Ingrid Chen


  • Program Director: Sara Ross
  • 3rd Grade: Kristin Golden
  • 4th Grade: Open
  • 5th – 6th Grade: Ashish Chhabra
  • 7th – 9th Grade: Open


  • Director of Coaching: Shaun McBrien
  • Assistant Director of Coaching: Lily Stowell
  • Director of Operations & Registration: Marysol Makimura





Operations Support

  • BAYS Liaison: Barry Elliot
  • Fields Coordinator: Open
  • Referee Assignor: Ioannis Kyratzoglou
  • Equipment & Uniforms: Craig Greiner
  • Website/Technology: Ethan Simmons
  • Risk Manager: Holly Henson
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Justin Traxler