Field Care & Safety

Protect and Preserve the Soccer Fields by Following These Rules.

Field Conditions

  • Review our Weather Policy. Activities must be canceled in the event of wet weather. Playing on muddy or slippery fields will damage the surface and risks injury to players. Use good judgment and common sense.
  • Check field status on the NGS Website, Facebook, or Twitter. These are usually updated by 3:00 pm on weekdays and 7:00 am on weekends. In the event that the weather turns after status has been posted, it is coaches’ responsibility to cease use of fields.
  • Newton Parks & Rec staff have the final say over field use and closings. Please be courteous with them and follow their instructions. Respect their decision when fields are closed.
  • Practices should use unlined field areas as much as possible in order to preserve fields for game use. Please move the goals for practices to avoid excessive goal-mouth wear.
  • Please report potholes or other hazards here so we can repair them.

Goal Safety & Care

  • Move the goals ONLY when the wheels are down and without the sandbags. We have spent several thousands of dollars and several folks have expended many hours to fix the wheel apparatuses as well as the nets. Adults, please supervise kids while moving goals.
  • Please remind kids not to hang from or swing on the goals. They can be easily broken this way and children have been killed or injured by the falling goal.
  • When the goals ARE in place, please make sure every goal has 2 sandbags on the back of the goal. This is a major liability issue and frankly no referee should ever start a game without them in place.
  • At the end of activities, always move goals off the fields where they are also used for other sports.
  • Please report damaged goals or nets here.

Turf & Lighted Fields

  • Use turf and lighted fields only by assignment.
  • Only players and coaches are allowed on the artificial turf. At NSHS Brandeis Road field, spectators must remain behind the fence. At NSHS Stadium and at The Fessenden School, spectators are not allowed on the track or the field.
  • No food of any kind, gum, or drinks other than plain water may be brought onto the artificial turf.
  • Do not insert any equipment into the artificial turf that will create a hole or divot, and do not bring any chairs or canopies onto the turf.
  • In the spring, goals at NSHS Brandeis Road field must be wheeled off the field after use.
  • If for any reason your team will not use a lighted field during a time slot you’ve been assigned, you MUST contact the field scheduler to let him know.
  • Albemarle, Forte and Fessenden are the only lighted fields in Newton, so they are very tightly scheduled. Do not expect to get on early to warm up or to stay on after your allotted time is up. Plan accordingly, especially for games.

Hierarchy of Use

  • The NGS/NYS Fields Permit is issued by the Newton Parks & Recreation Department, giving our leagues priority use of fields at the times and locations listed. However, there may be times when Newton Public Schools teams use fields even when they are listed on our permit; in such an event, the school team has priority and the NGS/NYS team must wait until the school team leaves the field before beginning to use it.
  • Assigned practices take precedence over unassigned practices. Scheduled games take precedence over practices.
  • If you see our field liner lining a field during your practice time, please give way to him or practice around him as he has over 40 fields to line in town and needs access as much as possible.
  • In the event of any conflicting use of fields on our permit, please use courtesy in dealing with other sports teams. Report any conflicts to the field scheduler for resolution.


  • Do not park in private parking lots, such as the one belonging to the apartment buildings at 53 Paul Street.
  • Do not block driveways or paths.
  • Park legally.
  • Parking at Warren and Weeks is only allowed in spaces designated for fields. Do not use resident spaces or you will be towed. Advise parents and opposing coaches in advance.

Be courteous and use common sense to avoid conflicts. If we get complaints from neighbors, we risk losing our field permits.


  • Pick up and properly dispose of trash and recyclable materials following activities.
  • Before practice and games coaches should check the field for dog waste, broken glass or other dangerous objects.
  • Portable toilets are provided at all game fields. Do not use restrooms at Warren House or Weeks House—these are private residences.