Friend Request Policy


Friend Requests Are Only Allowed in Recreational Programs

Players may request team placement with a friend or schoolmate in the Juniors and City programs only. We do not accept teammate requests for the Academy or Travel Programs.

Within the Juniors and City programs, teammate requests are only accepted under the following conditions:

  • Singular – You may request one friend during registration. If you try to squeeze two names in the friend request field, it will likely be ignored, particularly since we match these by computer now. To make matching easier, we ask that you enter the full and precise first and last name of the friend. This is much easier if families use their child’s proper legal name when registering and not nicknames. i.e. please register “Elizabeth Smith”, not “beth smith”.
  • Mutual – Friend requests must be mutual, meaning that the friend must also request your daughter. We recommend coordinating with your daughter’s friend before registering.
  • Timely – Both players must be registered on time in order to have their request considered. The fall registration deadline is July 31. The spring registration deadline is February 28. After we start forming teams, it is nearly impossible to accommodate friend requests or to place players with schoolmates.


NGS is a Community Program

Juniors and City players are placed on grade-level teams with the goal of creating equally balanced teams. NGS is a community program, not a school-based program. Therefore, we purposely create teams with girls from multiple neighboring schools and honor only one mutual friend request per player. Teams are generally mixed up from year-to-year and sometimes season-to-season so that players have the opportunity:

  • To develop good sportsmanship skills, winning some games and losing some games
  • To develop social skills, playing with friends and making new friends
  • To develop soccer skills, learning from multiple coaches