Essential Soccer Gear

What Does Your Player Need?

Ball – Each child must have their own age-appropriate soccer ball and bring it to all sessions.

              • KG – 2nd grade use a size 3 soccer ball.
              • 3rd – 6th grade use a size 4 soccer ball.
              • 7th – 12th grade use a size 5 soccer ball.

Water Bottle – Fresh water should be available to your child during each session.

              • Tip: Label the bottle with the player’s name.

NGS Jersey – All players must wear a NGS jersey. A long-sleeved shirt may be worn underneath for warmth. The jersey style varies depending on which program the player is in.

              • Players in the Juniors Program (Grade K-2) and City Program (Grade 3 – 9) wear a reversible (orange on one side, white on the other), numbered NGS jersey. Players may select a number, or one will be randomly assigned.
              • Players in the Travel Program (Grade 3 – 12) wear an orange jersey with the player’s last name and number on the back and the NGS logo on the front.
              • Players in the Academy program have up to three jerseys. A navy jersey with number and NGS Academy logo is used for practices and development teams. A white jersey with number, NEFC logo, and NGS Academy logo is used for home games. A red jersey with number, NEFC logo, and NGS Academy logo is used for away games. 

Shorts – Soccer players traditionally wear shorts as part of their uniform. Leggings or similar athletic wear may be worn underneath or instead of shorts on chilly days. Our travel and academy uniform kits include shorts.

              • Juniors and City players may wear any color soccer shorts.
              • Travel players must wear navy uniform shorts.
              • Academy players must wear navy or red uniform shorts.

Socks & Shin Guards – Players must wear shin guards covered by over-the-calf socks to protect their shins from injury. A popular youth style has padding over the ankle, a foot stirrup, and a calf strap for a secure fit.

              • If your daughter has never worn shin guards before, please watch this brief video on how to wear shin guards and soccer socks:
              • Soccer socks fit over the calf, just under the knee.  Travel and Academy players must wear the socks included in their uniform kit. Juniors and City players may wear any color soccer socks.

Shoes – Soccer cleats are required for players in grades 3 and older. Cleats are recommended for Juniors, but they may opt to wear sneakers.

              • Soccer cleats are designed to be lightweight and flexible, as well as to provide traction and stability in grass fields. They have rubber studs on the outsole.
              • When playing indoors, players are advised to purchase indoor soccer shoes that are designed to deliver traction and comfort for fast play on hardwood surfaces. Otherwise, players should wear sneakers.

Goalkeeper Gloves – Most players are more comfortable wearing gloves when playing goalkeeper. We are strongly recommending that all players in grades 3 – 8 own a pair of gloves, as everyone has to take a turn as goalkeeper.

              • Goalkeeper gloves do not fit like regular gloves. Please click here for sizing instructions. Generally, younger / smaller kids use size 6 and bigger / older kids use size 7.
              • For convenience, gloves are available to purchase for $15 from our online store. (You are welcome to use any vendor.)


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