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The Newton Girls Soccer mission is to provide its players the opportunity to learn and play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun, individual skills development, teamwork and sportsmanship, all at a level that fits her interest and ability.

Players develop through activities like playing and practicing, which are led by our coaches. To realize our mission, it is critical to ensure that our volunteer coaches are knowledgeable of the game, have a strong support system for guidance, and focus on player development and the experience of each child rather than wins and losses. To this end, the NGS Director of Coaching is a “coach for the coaches.” Our DOC oversees all coach education, providing guidance, age-appropriate skills development resources, specific practice session plans, and game plans.

Your Duties as a Coach

As a youth soccer coach, your responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Be a positive role model for all participants. Remember that soccer is just a game; the opposing team is made up of other children like our own.
  • Provide a positive learning experience for all players. Give all players the opportunity to practice and play as “valuable contributors”. In general, especially for U11 and under, coaches should strive to give each player equal playing time and play each player at least half of each game. (Coaches do have discretion to adjust playing time based on factors such as practice attendance and participation, willingness to play assigned positions, and other such factors.)
  • Maintain and enhance your coaching skills by taking the next level MYSA (Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association) coach licensing courses, which are subsidized by the club, and attending coaches’ clinics and workshops.
  • Coach what should be taught at each age. By following the correct steps and building a strong foundation, coaches ensure that all players will develop their skills correctly. NGS has a coaching curriculum focusing on long term, age-appropriate development. Read it. Learn it. Use it.
  • Treat Referees with the respect that they deserve. Some referees may even be our daughters. Do not question their calls; their judgment is final.
  • Do not coach from the sidelines; coaching is for practice sessions. The game is the best teacher. Provide encouragement and positive reinforcement to players on the field. Guide them when they are on the sidelines.
  • Do not get caught up in the “player promotion activities” of some parents. Any questions regarding player placement on teams are to be directed to the age group coordinator for resolution. Players and parents should not be involved.
  • Complete all state coaching requirements, including annual registration with the MA Youth Soccer Association, a background check, Concussion Awareness Training, and Safe Sport.
  • Be punctual and dressed appropriately for practices and games.
  • Bring equipment and a first aid kit to each training session and game.
  • Keep in touch with your age group coordinator and respond promptly to messages from club or league representatives.
  • Complete seasonal player evaluations to help with team placements.
  • Remember, our efforts are for the players. Their interests and well-being are paramount.

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