McGrath / Warren Field

Approximate Field Address

1600 Washington St, Newton, MA 02465


Guidelines & Restrictions

IMPORTANT NOTE: When parking at Warren Field, please note that you should only park in spaces identified for recreational parking. The spaces marked resident and visitor parking are for use by the adjacent residential building.  If you park in one of the spaces for the building or in an unmarked spot blocking access, you will be towed.

If we continue to receive complaints from the Warren House residents or issues blocking traffic in/out of the lot then we will not be allowed to use the Warren lot anymore.  Please observe these important restrictions:
1. No parking in residential spaces.
2. No double parking.
3. No blocking entrances or exits.
4. No parking illegally on the edge of fields, on walkways, or on fire roads.
5. No driving on fields, even to drop off equipment.

If there are no spaces in the lot, take a right turn out of the parking area and an immediate right onto Myrtle Street. There are spaces on Myrtle Street and a park entrance along the fence.