Newton South HS Fields

Approximate Field Address

140 Brandeis Rd, Newton, MA 02459


Guidelines & Restrictions

  • The only permitted uses of the Newton South Turf Fields are scheduled matches and practice times assigned by NGS.
  • Only players and coaches in appropriate footwear are allowed on the turf. Spectators must remain behind the fences.
  • No food of any kind, gum, or drinks other than plain water, may be brought onto the turf. Sports drinks will discolor the field.
  • The field surface must not be marred in any way; do not insert any equipment into the turf that will create a hole or divot; only use the on-site goals.
  • NGS and NYS have substantially invested into these turf fields, and the process of getting these fields approved and constructed took many years. The whole City will be watching to see that we use them responsibly.