Madison Loos

Maddie has been playing soccer since she begrudgingly set foot on her first field at six years old; she wasn’t always sure she would grow up to be a soccer player and Maddie’s mom worked very hard to keep her on the pitch year after year. At age 11, Maddie fell in love with soccer, committed to improving her game, and eventually became captain of her Division 1 varsity soccer team at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. She continues to play competitively with several of our other NGS coaches. Maddie has been around soccer her whole life and spent 8 years coaching at an elite foot skills training camp in Colorado.

For the last five years, Maddie has worked hard to become a proper Bostonian. When she first arrived in Massachusetts, Maddie worked as a physics teacher in Cambridge. She now works as a social worker for the Department of Mental Health, supporting folks with severe mental illness. In her spare time, Maddie enjoys pickleball, playing with her cats, telling bad dad jokes, and listening to a good audiobook.