Travel Uniforms

All NGS Travel players are required to wear an official uniform for games. The jersey is orange with the player’s last name and number on the back and the NGS logo on the front.  The shorts are navy and the socks are orange. Kits may be ordered for $74. Items may also be purchased individually.

A note about player numbers:  You will need your daughter’s player number when you order her jersey.  Numbers are assigned by the registrar.  New players will receive an email from the registrar with their number.  In most cases, returning players will use the same number throughout their NGS days.  However, in the 7/8th grade division we sometimes end up with duplicate numbers on a team since we have two age groups merging.  This is prohibited by BAYS.  If this happens, the new or younger player will be asked to change her number.  Division 1 and 2 players must then order a new jersey.  Division 3 and 4 players can either order a new jersey or use black tape to change the number on their shirt each week.

We have found that the “life span” for Adidas gear is about 2 – 3 years because it is their practice to change their styles frequently.   Players will need to buy new uniforms from time to time as styles are discontinued.  As long as the style doesn’t change, you only need to order a new travel uniform if your daughter does not have one or her current uniform does not fit or you are notified by the registrar that there are duplicate numbers on her team.  

Our partnership with Number One Source will provide you with a 1-stop, online shop for all of your travel uniform and gear needs.  Parents are responsible for ordering the correct sized jersey, shorts and socks.  Your order will be delivered directly to you.

Please place your order at least 3 weeks before the season begins

We strongly suggest that you confirm the size of the jersey and shorts before ordering.  Because these are custom orders, no returns or refunds are accepted.  We suggest that you confirm the size before placing an order.  Sample sizes are available to try on at Great Harvest Bread:

316 Walnut St, Newtonville, MA 02460

If you have any questions about your order, please call Number One Source customer service at 617-593-7865 or e-mail  Other questions can be directed to


Other Soccer Gear

In addition to the NGS jersey, shorts, and soccer socks, each player needs their own:

  • Soccer ball (Grades 3-6 use size 4. Grades 7 – 9 use size 5.)
  • Water bottle
  • Shin-guards
  • Cleats
  • Goal Keeper Gloves

If your daughter has never worn shin guards before, please watch this brief video on how to wear shin guards and soccer socks:

Goal Keeper Gloves

Players cannot share goalie gloves, so players must either have their own pair to wear when they play goalkeeper or plan to play barehanded.  Most players are more comfortable wearing gloves.  We are strongly recommending that all players in grades 3 – 5 own a pair of gloves, as everyone has to take a turn as goalkeeper.  Players in grades 6 – 8 who are able to play goalkeeper should also have a pair of gloves. 

Goal keeper gloves do not fit like regular gloves. Please click here for sizing instructions. Generally, younger / smaller kids use size 6 and bigger / older kids use size 7.

For convenience, gloves are available to purchase for $15 from our online store: (You are welcome to use any vendor.) If this purchase presents a financial hardship, please contact for help.