After a fantastic winter season, registration is now open for the Spring 2013 Skills Development program. We strongly urge all interested families to register their players immediately. The season is scheduled to start in less than 2 weeks, and sessions will be canceled if they do not receive enough registrations, and due to the shortened time frame, these decisions will need to be made within the next several days.

The SD program is open to all players in kindergarten through Grade 8 and will have sessions offering grade/age appropriate tactical training and skills development with professional soccer coaches, as well as specialty clinics for players interested in improving specific aspects of their game.

The goal of the entire SD Program is to offer additional soccer skills training to motivated girls who are interested in developing their level of play beyond the training they receive during their regular team practices.

Skills: The Skills Training Sessions will focus on fundamental ball handling skills in the younger age groups and will increasingly incorporate tactical play in the upper age groups.

Striker: The Striker Sessions are designed to improve a player’s skills in the area of forward movement of the ball, taking shots and finishing.

Goalkeeper: The Goalkeeper Training Sessions are structured to provide an understanding of the goalie position as well as develop the skills and strategy needed to play the position confidently.

SAQ: The S.A.Q Sessions integrate innovative exercise techniques and equipment to develop critical motor skills essential to ball control in soccer. The program emphasizes movement, function, technique and form to help soccer players become faster, stronger, and more explosive. We incorporate a soccer ball and soccer specific movement with all of our S.A.Q exercises to make the training as realistic as possible.

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