Roster Size Policy

NGS has an open roster policy — everyone who registers on time is placed on a team.  (See late registration policy.)  Therefore, one of our most challenging tasks is dividing the total number of registered players into teams that have sufficient numbers for practice and games, but are small enough to maximize playing time.  To address this issue and create the best learning and playing environment for our girls, NGS has established minimum and maximum roster sizes for each age group that are in line with US Youth Soccer guidelines.  Exceptions may only be made with approval from the Junior, City or Travel Program Committee.  Coaches do not decide how many players are placed on their teams.

4 v  4 – Grade K/1/2:  Min 6 – Max 8
7 v  7 – Grade 3/4:  Min 11 – Max 13
9 v  9 – Grade 5/6:  Min 14 – Max 16
11 v 11 – Grade 7/8:  Min 16 – Max 22*

*Travel teams that are eligible for the MA Tournament of Champions (MTOC) may roster up to 22 players, but only 18 players are eligible to play in each game.  For this reason, we usually limit those teams to 18 players.