NGS Referee Academy Program


NGS Referee Academy Program is sponsored and run by the NGS Organization.  Its mission is to build confidence and provide the skills to any youth to referee recreational soccer games.  The Academy staff will recruit, train, equip, assign, mentor and help elevate the youth skill level to referee more competitive games. Skilled and experience youth referees can be promoted that expected to move on and referee BAYS games after two years of service with the Academy.

Joining the Academy, Training and Workshops – Skill Development

To join the NGS Referee Academy or to learn more about training opportunities, please contact the NGS Referee Committee at .  The program accepts applicants all year around.  Training Programs are offered at the start of the Spring and Fall seasons; special exception can be made upon arrangements.  Referee training dates will be posted on the NGS website under NGS City Referee Training Dates and Locations.

The accepted candidate is formally trained using class-room material, interactive on the field refereeing and internet videos.  NGS may provide equipment such as referee shirt and whistle.  The referee is expected to use their own sorts, socks, athletic shoes and timer.

NGS Referee Academy Program offers basic referee skill training, helping student referees to competently and confidently referee NGS City Program Games. Referees must present themselves in most professional manner. They need to be dressed properly (shirts tucked in, correct type of shorts, socks up) and arrive at the game 15-20 minutes earlier to inspect field/players.

Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Referee Academy graduates!