How to tell if you purchased a new Travel Uniform on Blue Sombrero

  1. Login to Blue Sombrero

  2. Go to “My Account”

  3. Click on the “My Orders” tab

  4. Click on “Order History”

  5. Pick an order and click on “Show Details”

  6. Under “Order Details,” click on the “+” (plus sign) button next to each girl’s name – it will show if you purchased a uniform.


If your order history shows you did NOT purchase a uniform and you would like to buy one:

  1. Go to to the “Register” tab

  2. Click on the red “Register Now” button for the appropriate player

  3. Choose the “Travel Unif. or Jersey (POST REGISTRATION)” option for either jersey only or the full uniform for the appropriate player or players

  4. Click “Next” and complete the purchase online