How to renew an expired CORI

Instructions for Returning Volunteers: How to renew an expired or expiring CORI

First verify your CORI/Risk Status and Risk Expire Date by going to  Affinity Login Portal on ShareView.  If your CORI has expired, is expiring during the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 soccer year, or if you were previously registered and need to update information:

  1. Go to Affinity Adult/CORI Registration Portal on ShareView
  2. Scroll down and click the blue “Register Now” button
  3. Enter Username and Password.  Note:  You will need your Username and Password that was used to create your previous year’s  registration.  If you do not know your Username or Password, do not create a duplicate registration, you can call the Affinity Help Line at 855-703-2558 or email
  4. Click the green “Returning User” button to update your previous year’s registration and trigger your CORI request.
  5. Follow the prompts, updating information as necessary.
  6. Press save and continue once all required fields are filled in.
  7. Pay close attention when choosing the name of the organization you are registering under: Newton Girls Soccer League
  8. Accept and agree to the Electronic Legal Agreements (ELA).  You do not need to print the ELA.
  9. Print the CORI Acknowledgement form and bring it to Holly Henson, NGS CORI Submitter, for verification.  Email to make arrangements.

Thank you!