City: 5th/6th Grades

Season Dates

The 2021 spring season starts on Saturday, April 10 and ends Saturday, June 12, 2021.  Sessions are scheduled for the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 29).

Game Time & Location

The NGS Grade 5/6 City matches are held on Saturdays at 12:45 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:15 PM, and 4:30 PM at Nahanton (Field C 9v9). Please arrive 15 minutes prior to kickoff. The weekly match schedule and field assignments are posted below and in your Positive Coaching Account (TPCA). Check the schedule each week for any changes.

Practice Times & Location

Teams will practice once per week.  Practice time and location are determined after teams are announced and will depend on field and coach availability. You may indicate your availability when you register. After teams are announced, coaches will reach out to families to discuss practice.


Players are assigned to teams with parent coaches. To find out your player’s assignment and view the team’s roster please visit to access your Positive Coaching Account (TPCA). Fall teams are announced in late August. Spring teams are announced in late March.

What to Expect

Game Format: Format is 9v9 with goal keepers. Games are 30-minute halves with a 5-minute half-time. Click here for City 5/6 Guidelines.

Key reminder: Please do not coach, direct or shout instructions to the girls from the sidelines.

What to bring / wear:

  • Soccer ball (size 4)
  • Water bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mask
  • NGS Jersey
  • NGS Pinnie (provided by NGS)
  • Shin-guards
  • Cleats
  • Goalie Gloves

You can buy all the gear online at

NGS Safety Policy: NGS has a strict NO JEWELRY policy. This means no earrings, no taped earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings. Players may not wear beads, barrettes or other hard/sharp items. Players may not participate with casts or splints of any kind. Remember to remove all jewelry at home so that it does not get lost on the field. Please do not ask for special permission and make it difficult for the coaches.

Weather Cancellations & Field Closures

For rainouts, check the NGS home page or fields page.  Field status is updated by 7am on Saturdays, but be sure to check just before your session time as conditions sometimes change.  You can also sign up for texts or tweets regarding field status by following @newtonfields.

Spring 2021 Grade 5/6 Match Schedule

  • Home team listed wears ORANGE jersey, supplies game ball, and sets up field.
  • Visiting team listed wears WHITE.
DateHome/Orange TeamAway/White TeamGame TimeField NameField #
4/10/2021CourageRoyals12:45 PMNahantonC
DashSky Blue2:00 PMNahantonC
Red StarsSpirit3:15 PMNahantonC
ReignThorns4:30 PMNahantonC
4/17/2021ReignSky Blue12:45 PMNahantonC
CourageSpirit2:00 PMNahantonC
DashThorns3:15 PMNahantonC
Red StarsRoyals4:30 PMNahantonC
4/24/2021Sky BlueRed Stars12:45 PMNahantonC
SpiritReign2:00 PMNahantonC
ThornsCourage3:15 PMNahantonC
RoyalsDash4:30 PMNahantonC
5/1/2021RoyalsReign12:45 PMNahantonC
Sky BlueCourage2:00 PMNahantonC
SpiritDash3:15 PMNahantonC
ThornsRed Stars4:30 PMNahantonC
5/8/2021CourageDash12:45 PMNahantonC
Red StarsReign2:00 PMNahantonC
Sky BlueSpirit3:15 PMNahantonC
RoyalsThorns4:30 PMNahantonC
5/15/2021Sky BlueThorns12:45 PMNahantonC
RoyalsSpirit2:00 PMNahantonC
Red StarsDash3:15 PMNahantonC
CourageReign4:30 PMNahantonC
5/22/2021ReignDash12:45 PMNahantonC
Red StarsCourage2:00 PMNahantonC
SpiritThorns3:15 PMNahantonC
RoyalsSky Blue4:30 PMNahantonC
5/29/2021CourageRoyals12:45 PMNahantonC
ThornsReign2:00 PMNahantonC
Sky BlueRed Stars3:15 PMNahantonC
DashSpirit4:30 PMNahantonC
6/5/2021Sky BlueReign12:45 PMNahantonC
DashRed Stars2:00 PMNahantonC
CourageSpirit3:15 PMNahantonC
ThornsRoyals4:30 PMNahantonC
6/12/2021SpiritSky Blue12:45 PMNahantonC
RoyalsDash2:00 PMNahantonC
ReignCourage3:15 PMNahantonC
Red StarsThorns4:30 PMNahantonC