Another topic of particular interest to girls is nutrition. Young female athletes need to make certain that they are not only getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals, but also enough energy from the foods they eat. Inadequate nutrition combined with stress on the body from athletic training can lead to lowered estrogen levels. That in turn can lead to delayed onset of menses or skipped periods. This can reduce bone mass, lead to stress fractures, and increase the risk of other overuse injuries.

Why is sport nutrition or diet important in soccer?

  1. Food provides us with energy for our body including: muscles, brain and other organs. Soccer requires plenty of exercise, and therefore it is important to have energy available to us during training sessions or the game. The energy available to us at any particular time depends on our blood sugar levels.
  2. If we over-eat, we become over-weight. The heavier we are, the more work our muscles have to do to take us the same distance. This reduces our stamina, and our ability to accelerate quickly. If we don’t eat correctly, we can become weak and our overall health can decline, because we are not getting enough nutrients.
  3. A healthy diet improves our general level of health, and can help us recover more quickly from injuries.
  4. Along with a program of fitness training, our diet can help us develop stamina and improve athletic performance.
  5. A good healthy diet is essential for our growth, and development.