Juggling Club


In an effort to promote individual players’ spending more time with the ball on their own NGS has created a “Juggling Club”.

What is Juggling? Juggling is the act of keeping the ball in the air with all parts of your body with the exception of your hands and arms. Players can use their feet, thighs, chest, head and shoulders to keep the ball elevated, but must not use their hands.

Why Juggle?

  • Improves a players touch on the ball
  • Improves a player’s ability to judge the flight of the ball
  • Improves a players balance (Don’t be a one footed juggler!)
  • There are very few exercises a player can do that provide the repetition and maximize the number of touches one receives by juggling the ball.

Who is eligible for the Juggling Corner? All players registered within the Intramural and Travel Program.

How to report your score: All scores must be confirmed by the players coach or parent and reported to NGS Director of Coaching, Shaun McBrien, via email ngsdoc@newtongirlssoccer.org

The Juggling Club will recognize, on our website, the players with the top 10 Juggling Scores within each age group,  as well as awarding prizes to the top 5 Jugglers in each section at the end of the fall and spring seasons.

Checkout the following video to inspire you to get started!!


U9 (Grade 3) – Ella Waldman & Betina Kreiman 10 / June Kim & Zoe Anderson 8 / Jessie Silk, Maddie Lewis,& Katelin Simmons 7

U10 Grade 4) – Julia Schaefer – 13 / Kate Larson 12 /  Sarah Wei – 9

U11 (Grade 5) – Maddy Fabry – 21 / Morgan Gallivan 16 / Lilly Ranalli 11

U12 (Grade 6) – Catalina powderly – 22

U14 (Grade 7 & 8) –