Programs Currently Accepting Registration

  • Spring 2021 High School Travel Program (Waitlist)
  • Spring 2021 Juniors Program (Only few spots left!)
  • Spring 2021 City Program (Only few spots left!)
  • Spring 2021 Skills Development (Waitlist, except for goalkeeping)
  • Summer 2021 Vacation Clinic

Registration Opening Soon:

  • Fall 2021 Programs

Overview of NGS Programs

Registration Dates and Fees

Our Registration Service

Newton Girls Soccer uses Sports Connect (formerly called Blue Sombrero), an online sports team service, to administer the club’s registrations. Effective December 4, 2019, Sports Connect will add a $3.00 service fee to each transaction.  Clicking on the Register Now button below will open a new tab or window in your browser to continue with your online registration. When you are finished registering online you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation, please email the NGS Registrar to confirm your registration was successful:

Non-credit Card Registrants

Online registration is designed to simplify the process for parents and NGS volunteers, and simplifies the registration process by allowing payment by credit card. NGS strongly encourages all registrants to use the on-line system. Those that need to register offline by check please email the registrar –

Email Address Required

Your email address is also the name of your registration account. Also, all communication from NGS concerning your child’s participation in our soccer programs will use the email address supplied.

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NGS programs are open to players that

  • live in Newton or attend school in Newton
  • identify as female*

*An exception to our gender rule may be made for kindergarten-aged boys who have a female sibling in the kindergarten program.

*Players in the NGS travel program participate in the BAYS league.  They may be asked for gender-identity documentation or evidence that shows the stated gender is sincerely held and part of the person’s core identity. Documentation includes, but is not limited to, government-issued documentation or documentation prepared by a health care provider, counselor, or other qualified professional not related to the player.

NGS Policies

Please Read Before Registering


Late Registration/Wait List

Refund Policy

Religious Holidays

Player Safety

Unsafe Weather Policy

Roster Size Policy

Child Abuse Reporting Policy

Player Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Friend Requests

It is only possible request team placement with a friend in the Juniors and City programs. You may request one friend and only one friend and that friend must request you. If you try to squeeze two names in the friend request field, it will just be ignored, particularly since we match these by computer now. To make matching easier, we ask that you enter the full and precise first and last name of your friend. This is much easier if families use their child’s proper legal name when registering and not nicknames. i.e. please register “Elizabeth Smith”, not “beth smith”.