Juniors: 1st Grade

Season Dates

The 2021 spring season starts on Saturday, April 10 and ends Saturday, June 12, 2021.  Sessions are scheduled for the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 29). It is not a problem if your daughter must miss a few sessions this season. The program is designed to be very flexible.

Session Time

The NGS Juniors Grade 1 (J1) program meets on Saturdays for 75 minutes and take place at 8:30 AM or 10:00 AM. Please arrive 15 minutes before the session starts. The weekly match schedule is posted below and in your Postive Coaching Account (TPCA). Check the schedule each week for any changes.


Teams will be using A1 – A7 at the Highlands Field. Meet your team, parent volunteer coach, and professional coach at your assigned field a few minutes before your session begins.   The weekly field assignments are posted below and in your Postive Coaching Account (TPCA). Check the schedule each week for any changes.


Players are assigned to teams with parent coaches for organizational purposes and participate in the same session each week. We create teams with consideration for the session time and friend requests from each and every one.  Please understand that with more than 100 soccer players in the first grade and the need to balance the sessions, we can not always meet every request.

To find out your player’s assignment and view the team’s roster please visit http://try.thepositivecoachingapp.com/ngs to access your Positive Coaching Account (TPCA). Fall teams are announced in late August. Spring teams are announced in late March.

What to Expect

Structure: Players engage in FUN warm-ups and soccer learning activities led by the NGS Professional Coaching Staff during the first half hour, then play small-sided (4v4) scrimmages for the remainder of the session. There are no goal keepers or scores in the J1 program. Unfortunately, this season we will not be ending each session with a shared snack time.

Coaching: NGS Coaching Guidelines K thru Grade 2

Key reminder: Please do not coach, direct or shout instructions to the girls from the sidelines.

What to bring / wear:

  • Soccer ball (size 3)
  • Water bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mask
  • NGS Jersey
  • Shin-guards
  • Cleats

You can buy all the gear online at https://newtongirlssoccer.org/store/juniors-uniforms/.

Snacks: No shared snacks in spring 2021.

NGS Safety Policy: NGS has a strict NO JEWELRY policy. This means no earrings, no taped earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings. Players may not wear beads, barrettes or other hard/sharp items. Players may not participate with casts or splints of any kind. Remember to remove all jewelry at home so that it does not get lost on the field. Please do not ask for special permission and make it difficult for the coaches.

Weather Cancellations & Field Closures

For rainouts, check the NGS home page or fields page.  Field status is updated by 7am on Saturdays, but be sure to check just before your session time as conditions sometimes change.  You can also sign up for texts or tweets regarding field status by following @newtonfields.

Spring 2021 Grade 1 Match Schedule

  • Home team listed wears ORANGE jersey and supplies game ball.
  • Visiting team listed wears WHITE.

8:30 AM Teams

DateHighlands Field #Home/Orange TeamAway/White Team
4/10/20211Sparkly UnicornsRainbow Rhinos
4Ladybugs UnitedSpeedy Cats
5Purple MonkeysPink Poodles
4/17/20121Rainbow RhinosPurple Monkeys
4Pink PoodlesLadybugs United
5Speedy CatsSparkly Unicorns
4/24/20211Sparkly UnicornsLadybugs United
4Pink PoodlesRainbow Rhinos
5Speedy CatsPurple Monkeys
5/1/20211Pink PoodlesSpeedy Cats
4Purple MonkeysSparkly Unicorns
5Rainbow RhinosLadybugs United
5/8/20211Ladybugs UnitedPurple Monkeys
4Speedy CatsRainbow Rhinos
5Sparkly UnicornsPink Poodles
5/15/20211Sparkly UnicornsRainbow Rhinos
4Purple MonkeysPink Poodles
5Ladybugs UnitedSpeedy Cats
5/22/20211Speedy CatsSparkly Unicorns
4Pink PoodlesLadybugs United
5Rainbow RhinosPurple Monkeys
5/29/20211Pink PoodlesRainbow Rhinos
4Speedy CatsPurple Monkeys
5Sparkly UnicornsLadybugs United
6/5/20211Rainbow RhinosLadybugs United
4Pink PoodlesSpeedy Cats
5Purple MonkeysSparkly Unicorns
6/12/20211Sparkly UnicornsPink Poodles
4Ladybugs UnitedPurple Monkeys
5Speedy CatsRainbow Rhinos

10:00 AM Teams

DateHighlands Field #Home/Orange TeamAway/White Team
4/10/20211Sassy CatsBanana Slugs
2Kick'n KangaroosLil Duckies
3BulldogsGreen Dragonflies
4Blue DolphinsHoney Bees
5Lady LeopardsCheetah Chicks
4/17/20121Cheetah ChicksKick'n Kangaroos
2Lil DuckiesSassy Cats
3Banana SlugsLady Leopards
4Green DragonfliesBlue Dolphins
5Honey BeesBulldogs
4/24/20211Blue DolphinsBulldogs
2Lady LeopardsGreen Dragonflies
3Sassy CatsKick'n Kangaroos
4Lil DuckiesBanana Slugs
5Honey BeesCheetah Chicks
5/1/20211Cheetah ChicksBanana Slugs
2BulldogsLil Duckies
3Green DragonfliesHoney Bees
4Lady LeopardsSassy Cats
5Kick'n KangaroosBlue Dolphins
5/8/20211Lady LeopardsBulldogs
2Lil DuckiesBlue Dolphins
3Kick'n KangaroosBanana Slugs
4Green DragonfliesCheetah Chicks
5Honey BeesSassy Cats
5/15/20211Cheetah ChicksBanana Slugs
2Blue DolphinsLil Duckies
3Sassy CatsGreen Dragonflies
4BulldogsKick'n Kangaroos
5Lady LeopardsHoney Bees
5/22/20211Banana SlugsBulldogs
2Sassy CatsHoney Bees
3Blue DolphinsLady Leopards
4Lil DuckiesCheetah Chicks
5Green DragonfliesKick'n Kangaroos
5/29/20211Blue DolphinsKick'n Kangaroos
2BulldogsSassy Cats
3Cheetah ChicksHoney Bees
4Banana SlugsGreen Dragonflies
5Lady LeopardsLil Duckies
6/5/20211Lil DuckiesHoney Bees
2Kick'n KangaroosLady Leopards
3BulldogsCheetah Chicks
4Sassy CatsBlue Dolphins
5Green DragonfliesBanana Slugs
6/12/20211Green DragonfliesLil Duckies
2Honey BeesKick'n Kangaroos
3Blue DolphinsLady Leopards
4Banana SlugsBulldogs
5Cheetah ChicksSassy Cats