FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

Increase Your Soccer IQ

Has your daughter’s coach mentioned that it would be GREAT for the players to watch some higher level soccer? Perhaps girls could attend local high school or college games or enjoy a match on television? Players can watch exciting English Premier League games scheduled nearly every weekend, for example, and dramatically increase their soccer IQ. Starting the weekend of April 13-14, fans can also watch National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) regular season games on, NWSL Apps and My Lifetime App. Girls can be encouraged to observe how the pros look over their shoulders, receive the ball, make one-touch passes and move the ball around the field.

It’s an exciting time for women’s soccer as the top NWSL “rock star players”  head towards The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019, which will begin on June 7th. Leading up to this exciting tournament, we have a 3-part series of articles to help our players learn more about the United States Women’s National Team and The FIFA World Cup 2019.

Part III.  FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

France is gearing up to host the FIFA World Cup 2019, beginning on June 7th in Paris. 24 women’s teams from different countries will participate in 9 cities throughout France in a total of 52 matches over the course of about a month. After winning the tournament in 2015, the United States Women’s National Team will strive to hold onto its status as World Champions and earn its 4th World Cup title. Powerhouse teams such as Germany, England and Japan will be tough competitors!

The history of women’s soccer is rich and interesting. Girls may be surprised to know that the first Women’s World Championship was held in China in 1991, actually not so long ago… Many of these amazing and influential athletes from countries all over the world are using their platform and their voices to serve as role models to advance women’s soccer and demand gender equality and treatment. These women have important goals both on and off the field!