TRAVEL TEAM ASSESSMENTS for Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 Seasons will be held on May 12th AND MAY 19TH (Confirm Assessment Schedule Here).   The registration deadline for travel is May 10th.

Reminders for Registration:

  • Register your daughter now even if she is unable to attend an assessment session (please indicate that in the comments section).
  • Register siblings at the same time to ensure a sibling discount.
  • On registration form:  please make sure to include school grade your daughter is ENTERING IN FALL 2013 (versus the grade she is in now)  

Register at


  • In order to honor friend requests (IM program only), they must be mutual and registrations must be received by the June 30th deadline.
  • Registration site is Blue Sombrero. Please see the instructions below.

Blue Sombrero:

If you have not yet set up an account at Blue Sombrero, the first thing you will need to do is select “Register” (top right) to set up an account with Blue Sombrero (select “Login” if you already set up an account). You will be asked to first input information about the parents/guardians and then prompted to input information about each of your daughters that participate with NGS.  Please be sure to select a user name and password that you can remember as you will need to login to your account to actually register for programs and/or update information (email, phone, additional children over the years, etc.) from season to season.

Registering for Programs

Once you have entered all of the information for your daughter(s), a list of programs that your daughter(s) is(are) eligible to register for will be listed.  The list is determined by your daughter’s date of birth.  We tried to expand the eligible ages per program to include all girls in that grade but we may need to make adjustments.  So please, if a program that you believe your daughter is eligible for does not appear, email the registrar, and we can make adjustments.  

Note: Programs that your daughter is not eligible to register for may appear, as their birth date may be included for the grades either above or below that of your daughter so just ignore those.

Select the program you want to register for.  There may be a couple of additional questions you will be asked to answer (uniform, school, etc) and you will be asked to accept some waivers.  Once you have selected all of the programs you would like to register for, hit Checkout and you will be asked to enter your credit card information.

If something doesn’t make sense, please email the registrar, so that we can make the corrections.

As always, send scholarship requests to the NGS President –