COVID-19 Rules for Referees

Game Rules (referee to coach)

These rules supersede all other rules (LoG, BAYS).

Referees will not enforce COVID-19 Rules for Coaches, Teams or Parents.

“Our role in the field is to manage the match at hand, not as an arm of the DPH to mandate compliance regarding guidance.

  • Arrive at the field 15-20 min prior to start for field inspection and marking
  • Secure goals after positioning them
  • Call in coaches to explain player check-in and the COVID-19 Rules of the Game:
    1. Review Coaches’ pass card credentials
    2. A roster is required for contact tracing, for issuing YC/RC and for reporting any serious injuries
    3. Coach can request a game to be stopped if there is a COVID-19 issue with parents
    4. Players spaced out for check-in – No jewelry; all players must wear masks during play
    5. Coach can talk to the Referee in case of injury or a health issue (rolling time)
    6. Game ball to be passed or positioned for a kick by feet
    7. No throw ins. Replaced w/ player kick ins (player stand 10 yards back)
    8. Corners cannot go into box (player stands 10 yards back)
    9. No drop ball / Indirect free kick (IFK) to team that referee deems had possession
    10. No defensive walls;  (Optional) IDK
    11. No slide tackling
    12. No intentional shoulder to shoulder contact
    13. No headers for all age groups; IFK to team that referee deems had possession; new ball
    14. No post-game handshake

Referee COVID-19 Uniform

  • Wear mask at all times.
  • Permitted to pull mask down only during high intensity aerobic activity or if medically necessary.
  • Ideally, only pull down if you are at least 6 ft away from other people.
  • Face covering
  • Referee hat (optional)
  • Hand-sanitizer (paper and/or liquid)

Guide to REFEREES ONLY (New Rules)

Disinfect your equipment after use.

  1. Review Game/Rule Summary:
  2. Touching the ball with the hands:
    • Receive ball from coach by foot to start the game
    • No drop balls
  3. Distance (keep at least six feet apart):
    • Referee needs to assume position so they can be close to the action but far enough
    • Giving a Yellow/Red Card from a distance
    • Keep distance when the referee warns a player
    • Keep distance from parents / coaches
  4. Use wipes (optional) or disinfectant:
    • Disinfect when another player touches / bumps into the referee
    • Disinfect when ball hits referee
  5. Interacting with players and coaches:
    • pull mask on and keep distance
  6. Referee Crews:
    • Keep distance during pre-game checks, post-game handshakes or conferences
    • No assistant Referee Flag Sharing (bring your own flags)
  7. Referee does not enforce any COVID-19 rules to others except his/her referee crew.
    • DO NOT engage ANYONE regarding face coverings or social distancing guidelines, simply report the issue to the competition authority.
  8. You can purchase electronic (COVID-19 compliant) whistles (optional):
  9. Please click to review the MSRC Return to Play Guidelines:
  10. Review Laws of the Game Change Summary 2020: