Contact / Committees

NGS is largely volunteer-driven. We are able to respond most quickly and efficiently to queries sent via email. To contact board members, staff and volunteers, please fill out the form below. Your query will be directed to the right person.


  • President, Justin Traxler
  • Treasurer: Nina Levin
  • Clerk: Holly Henson


  • Director of Coaching: Shaun McBrien
  • Registrar: Marysol Masse-Makimura

Board Operations

  • BAYS Liaison: Terry Stone
  • Equipment: Bill Walker
  • Fields Coordinators: Josh Leader, Barry Elliot & Shaun McBrien
  • Referees: Ioannis Kyratzoglou
  • Uniforms: Mathias Feuerstein
  • Website/Technology: Ethan Simmons
  • Risk Manager: Holly Henson

Juniors Program Coordinators

  • Juniors K-2 Program Director Sean McDonald
  • JK Division, Sean McDonald (interim)
  • J1 Division, Ashish Chhabra
  • J2 Division, Melissa Manis Keohan
  • J2 Division, Lucy Mermagen

City Program Coordinators

  • City Program Director Krzysztof Sobczak
  • C3 Division, Sarah Fogelman
  • C3 Division, Megan Anapolle
  • C4 Division, Mariel Ortega
  • C5/6 Division, Mike Vahey
  • C7/8/9 Division, Jeff Hurwitz
  • C7/8/9 Division, Ben Beaver

Travel Program Coordinators

  • Program Directors: Nick Nesta and Barry Elliot
  • 3rd Grade: Josh Leader
  • 4th Grade: Sara Ross
  • 5th Grade: John Salemme
  • 6th Grade: Sean Thomas
  • 7th + 8th Grades: Devon Welles
  • High School: Josh Leader

Academy Program Coordinators

  • Manager: Jennifer Lee
  • Assistant: Maura Morse