City Referee Payment Structure

The NGS City Referee Payment Structure is shown below for regular season and tournament games.  There are 10 weeks in the season. NGS City payment checks are dispatched twice per season: 5th week and the end of the season (10th week).

Tax implications: Referees receive Non-Employee Compensation. Taxes are not withheld. If NGS pays a referee more than $600 during the tax year, we are required to file form 1099-NEC with the IRS. Please be aware of tax requirements for minors:

Regular Season City Games

Grade 2$20-
Grade 3$25-
Grade 4$25$25
Grade 5/6$30$25
Grade 7/8/9$35$30

Jamboree Games

Grade 2$8
Grade 3$10
Grade 4$12
Grade 5/6$14
Grade 7/8/9$18