City Referee Code of Conduct

The referee must

  1. Attend 1 training session in or order to be eligible to referee
  2. Accept their assignment promptly
  3. Notify the assignor if they want to reject an already assigned game
  4. Dress like a referee and present themselves in most professional manner
  5. Be ready to referee the games (bring whistle, timer, water and any other required material)
  6. Apply the Rules of the Game as they are taught in the training session
  7. Close or Complete the game according to the Rules of the Game
  8. Report the Game Scores
  9. Listen to the assignor, mentor and apply the advice.
  10. Show for their first game 15-20 min prior to start
  11. Avoid contact with irritated coaches and parents and report immediately to Field Marshal


Referees that:

  1. Are NO SHOW for assigned games are put on Notice
  2. Have higher sport priorities and provide weak availability may be requested to move on
  3. Are two years with the program will be kindly requested to Sign up to Become BAYS Referees and take the USSF Grade 8 course.