BAYS Referee Payment Structure


The following paragraphs describe the process for BAYS Referee Pay.  The process is not straightforward as there are three organizations involved: BAYS, NYS and NGS.  

  • All Center Referees (Gr3/4 [$30/game], Gr5/6 [$40/game], Gr8 [$50/game] and High School [$50/game]) are PAID by BAYS. See
  • Grade 5/6 Line Referees are PAID by NYS or NGS ($30/Game); You may see No BAYS Payment in your BAYS account Payment HISTORY drop down.
  • Grade 8 Line Referees are PAID by BAYS ($30/game) are subsidized by NYS/NGS by $10/game.
  • The NYS and NGS Clubs are responsible for Gr5/6 pay and Gr8 subsidies for Line Referee Payments. 

Pay Table

How it Works – Examples

Case 1: As a CR you refereed 2 Gr3 Games, 1 Gr5

  • As a Center Referee you will be PAID 2x$30 + 1x$40 = $100 from BAYS

Case 2: You Line Referee you refereed 3 NYS Gr5/6 Games and 2 NGS Gr5/6 Games

  • You will be paid 3x$30 = $90 from NYS via check
  • You will be paid 2x$30 = $60 from NGS via check

Case 3: You Line Referee 1 NYS Gr8 and 2 NGS Gr8 Games

  • You will be paid 1x$10 = $10 from NYS
  • You will be paid 2x$10 = $20 from NGS

Payment Schedule

  • BAYS pay three times per season (3rd Week, 6th Week, 10th Week).
  • NYS/NGS pay once at the end of the SEASON (November 20 for fall season; June 20 for spring season).


  • The NGS/NYS BAYS Newton Assignor (Ioannis) is responsible for running the payments and submitting them to town treasurers. 
  • The NGS & NYS BAYS Treasurers are responsible for the PAY RUN, dispatching the checks and mailing them to the referees.  
  • The post office or the bank is responsible for delivering the payment.

Check / Payment Status and Delivery

  • BAYS will do direct deposit / mail based on your choice.
  • BAYS Pay History dropdown under your My Bays -> Referee -> Pay History shows when your payment is due.
  • NGS and NYS will mail out the BAYS Line Referee Checks. The NGS/NYS BAYS Newton Assignor (Ioannis) maintains the pay history.

End of the Season Pay Claims