COVID-19 Impacted 2020 Laws of the Game Change Summary

This summary reflects 2020 Laws of the Game (LoG) Change impacted by COVID-19.  The unmodified BAYS LoG is at

Law 3 –– Substitution ––  No Change

All substitutions are made with the permission of the referee. Players come out at midfield and enter at the midfield at half-line

Law 5 and 12 ––  Team Officials ––  No Change

If you cannot identify the team official guilty of misconduct the yellow/red card should be shown to the senior team official in the technical area.

Law 8 ––  Kick off ––  No Change

The team that wins the coin toss can now choose whether to take the kick-off or which goal to attack.

Law 8 and 9 –– Drop Ball ––  COVID-19 CHANGE

Referee awards an Indirect Free Kick to the team that had last possession; if play is stopped inside penalty area, the ball is given to the goalkeeper.

Law 12 ––  Handball ––  No Change

Read the Law12 of the 2020 LoG

Law 12 –– Delaying the Restart of Play to Show a Card – No Change

Read the Law12 of the 2020 LoG

Law 13 –– Free Kicks ––  COVID-19 CHANGE

No Wall – (Treat it as Indirect Kick for kicks just outside the goal area)

Law 14 –– Penalty Kick ––  No Change

Read the Law14 of the 2020 LoG

Law 16 –– Goal Kick ––  No Change

Read the Law16 of the 2020 LoG