Religious Holiday Policy

Juniors and City Programs

From time to time, soccer games, practices, and other team events will conflict with religious observances.  Whenever a game falls on a religious holiday, NGS gives coaches the option either to cancel the game, to continue to play if they have enough players, or to combine with another team to play.  For practices or other team events, NGS asks coaches either to cancel the event or to excuse any player who can’t make it for religious reasons.  NGS players and families are always free to choose religious observances over playing soccer. No girl will ever jeopardize her position on the team for making this choice.

To best accommodate players who hold a wide range of religious beliefs and to maximize our time on the field, we have chosen to let parents make their own choice about participation rather than to cancel the games entirely.  This practice is consistent with the surrounding town leagues, as well as the Boston Area Youth Soccer travel soccer league.

Players and parents who will miss a team activity because of a religious holiday should reach out to their coaches.

Coaches should reach out to their grade coordinator for assistance if they will have low attendance due to a religious holiday.  We can adjust the schedule and/or combine teams so that players not observing the holiday will still have a chance to play.


Travel Program

Travel teams follow the religious holiday policy established by BAYS:

From time to time, the BAYS spring or fall game schedule is in conflict with the observance of a religious holiday. BAYS policy is to allow any coach the option of postponing a game where such a religious conflict may exist.

All BAYS coaches, and BAYS member towns, are expected to cooperate in assuring that children and their families are able to choose freely, and without pressure, between religious observances and participation in BAYS activities.

A child who chooses to observe a religious holiday in lieu of playing soccer will not jeopardize her playing time or position on the team in future games as a result of such choice.

The BAYS By-Laws are available on the BAYS website at


Academy Program

Academy teams follow the postponement policy established by NSL:

In general, once the schedule is determined and sent to the teams, there is no reason acceptable for postponing or relocating a game other than an unplayable field. No one, including the involved team officials, club officials, Age Group Coordinators, Boys and Girls Directors and game officials, may postpone, relocate or reschedule a game for any other reason, even by mutual agreement. The League Administrator (or designee) may upon request, or at her or his own initiative, postpone or relocate a schedule game if, in her or his sole judgment, conditions or circumstances require it. Games may only be postponed by Elite and Premier level teams in order to attend a tournament, Regional Event and State Cup Tournaments. Vacation week does not qualify as a reason for a postponement. An academic commitment of a significant portion of the team may be grounds for postponement with approval from the League Administrator. Any postponement or relocation except as permitted above will be treated as the forfeiture of a regularly scheduled game for the team or teams not appearing, and subject to all rules regarding such forfeitures, including those related to standings and forfeiture penalties.