Resource Center

Welcome to the NGS Coaching Resources webpage which is dedicated to helping coaches learn, improve and further develop their soccer coaching skills and knowledge of the game. From basic coaching theory and age appropriate ‘print and go’ session plans for each level and age group, to recommended systems of play, principles of playing the NGS Way plus our Player Development Model you should find everything you need to be a successful volunteer coach with NGS.

Our ever developing curriculum is designed to improve the development of players within NGS, focusing on creating more organized, age-appropriate training sessions, developing coaching practices and creating an environment that is fun for the players. The session plans are organized by age groups and by training themes following a 10 week cycle. Each session plan is designed specifically to be age appropriate.

At Newton Girls Soccer we believe that a ‘player centered’ approach to coaching is the future to unlocking potential in all players. The Age Group Guidelines help support the theory behind the curriculum allowing the coach to fully understand the needs of a female player, the playing environment and how best to develop the right kind of practice for their team.

Session Planning Checklist:

Is there a clear learning focus?

Is it relevant to the game of soccer players will experience?

Is the session easy to understand and easy to play?

Is there sufficient opportunity for repetition of the learning focus?

Is there an element of competition to motivate the players?

Is it fun for the players to play?

Is there enough scope to increase/decrease difficulty as appropriate?

Does it progress from technique, to skill, to SSG smoothly?

Have I got questions I ask the players to make them think about the learning focus?

Have I identified a star who excels at this skill so I can reference them as a role model?

Can I explain the key technical factors clearly and simply?

Can I paint a picture of when and where this skill might be used in a game?