Key Dates


  • Registration opens for spring Juniors/City programs


  • 1: Registration deadline for spring Juniors/City programs; late registration begins
  • 15: Last day to withdraw from spring Juniors/IM program without penalty
  • 18: Deadline to order uniforms to guarantee delivery for start of spring season


  • 1: Registration deadline for spring U18/19 Travel program; late registration begins
  • 2: Academy (NSL) spring season starts
  • 8: Travel U9-U14 (BAYS) and Juniors/IM spring season starts
  • 15: Last day to withdraw from spring U18/19 Travel program without penalty
  • 18-21: Vacation Clinic
  • 23: Travel U18/19 (BAYS) spring season starts


  • 5: Registration for next year’s Travel program begins
  • 19 – 30: Travel Program Assessments (see below)


  • 1: Registration deadline for next year’s Travel program; late registration begins
  • 3: City Jamboree (Grade 2-9)
  • 4: Last regular spring season game for Academy teams (NSL)
  • 10: Travel (BAYS) spring season ends
  • 11: Travel U18/19 (BAYS) spring season ends
  • 12: Registration for next fall’s Juniors (Grade K-2) and City programs (Grade 3-9) begins
  • 17: Juniors/City spring season ends


  • 1: Last day to withdraw from fall/spring travel program or academy without penalty


  • 1: Registration deadline for next fall’s Juniors/City programs; late registration begins; Last day to make a friend request for next fall’s Juniors/City programs; Last day to withdraw from next fall’s Juniors/City program without penalty
  • 13: Deadline to order uniforms to guarantee delivery for start of fall season
  • 18: Registration opens for fall Skills Development Program
  • 21-24: Vacation Clinic
  • 26: Cleat Exchange


  • 6: Coach Meeting – All City & Travel
  • 7: Coach Meeting – Juniors Grade 2
  • 9: Travel (BAYS) and Juniors/City fall season starts
  • 10: Academy (NSL) season begins
  • 11: Fall Skills Development begins
  • 12: Positive Coaching Alliance Workshop


  • 31: Registration opens for Winter Futsal Skills Development Program


  • 6: Last day to register for 3rd grade spring-only travel program
  • 7: 3rd Grade Spring Travel assessments
  • 11: Fall Skills Development ends
  • 11: Juniors/City & Travel (BAYS) season ends
  • 12: Academy (NSL) season ends


  • 4: Winter Futsal Skills Development Program begins

Overview of NGS Programs

Juniors/City Program Fees

Registration for Juniors and City Programs is for one season at a time (spring or fall).

2017-2018 Program Fees:

  • Grade K-2 Juniors Fall OR Spring Season: $130
  • Grade 3-9 City Fall OR Spring Season: $130

Travel Program Fees

Registration for 3rd Grade – 8th Grade Travel soccer is completed on an annual basis. Register your daughter in May to commit to play the following fall and spring soccer seasons.  For 3rd Grade, travel team placements may change in the spring.  For all other age groups, travel teams stay together for both the fall and the spring seasons

Registration for BAYS High School Travel soccer occurs in February for the spring season only.

2017-2018 Program Fees:

  • 3rd Grade – 8th Grade Travel Fall AND Spring Seasons: $295
  • High School Travel Spring Season: $145

Academy Program Fees

This is an invitation only program.  Please do not register for the Academy unless you have received an acceptance letter.

2017-2018 Program Fees:

  • Academy Teams: $1525
  • Development Academy Teams: $625

2017-2018 Travel Program Assessment Schedule

We strongly encourage all players who are interested in being on a travel team to attend the assessment session. Your daughter should attend the assessment for the age group she will be in fall 2017.  To participate in assessments, a player must be registered for the upcoming season.  Fall 2017 assessments will be held on May 19, May 22, May 24, May 25 and May 30, 2017 at Nahanton Field from 5:00 – 8:00pm.  Spring 2018 assessments are for 3rd grade players only and are scheduled for November 2017.  In the event that a girl is unable to attend an assessment session, placement will be based solely on the player’s last coach evaluation, and/or whatever other data is available to the travel committee. There are no “make up” assessment sessions.  Click here for the complete schedule.

Read Before Registering


NGS programs are open to girls that either live or attend school in Newton.


It is the policy of Newton Girls Soccer that no girl should be denied the opportunity to play soccer due to her family’s financial situation. To confidentially apply for a scholarship, please email the NGS President at president (at)

Late Registration/Wait List

You may still register after a program registration deadline; however, a $25-$50 late fee will apply. Only girls registered by the deadline are guaranteed a spot on a team. If you register late and your daughter is put on a wait list, we will make every effort to place her on a team. Names will be taken off the wait list on a first-come, first-serve basis. Your credit card will not be charged unless your daughter is placed on a team.


Registrants must cancel prior to the following dates to receive a refund of their registration fee, less a 6% processing fee:

  • July 1 for Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Travel and Academy
  • August 1 for Fall 2017 Juniors/City
  • March 15 for Spring 2018 Juniors/City
  • April 15 for Spring 2018 High School Travel

After these dates, there are no refunds. Please register only if you’re sure you can play. Late dropouts can leave teams shorthanded, making things difficult for the remaining players.

Non-credit Card Registrants

Online registration is designed to simplify the process for parents and NGS volunteers, and simplifies the registration process by allowing payment by credit card. NGS strongly encourages all registrants to use the on-line system. Those that need to register offline by check please email the registrar – registrar (at)

Multiple Child Discount

NGS provides a $20 discount per-child for the second child in the same family and on each additional child (3rd or beyond). All children must be registered at the same time to receive the sibling discount.

However, Blue Sombrero (our online registration system) will only automatically apply the sibling discount if you register 2 or more children in the same NGS program (e.g., both in travel, both in City 3-8, both in J2, etc.). If your children play in different NGS programs, please email registrar (at) BEFORE you register so that we can provide a $20 discount code.  We cannot apply the discount after you have already registered and paid.

Player Safety

No jewelry of any kind may be worn during play–no bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings. Players may not wear beads, barrettes or other hard/sharp items. Newly pierced ears may notbe taped. Players may not participate with casts or splints of any kind. Shinguards must be completely covered by socks at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Email Address Required

Your email address is also the name of your registration account. Also, all communication from NGS concerning you child’s participation in our soccer programs will use the email address supplied.

Friend Requests

It is only possible request team placement with a friend in the City program. You may request one friend and only one friend and that friend must request you. If you try to squeeze two names in the friend request field, it will just be ignored, particularly since we match these by computer now. To make matching easier, we ask that you enter the full and precise first and last name of your friend. This is much easier if families use their child’s proper legal name when registering and not nicknames. I.e. please register “Elizabeth Smith”, not “beth smith”.

Our Registration Service

Newton Girls Soccer has hired Blue Sombrero, an online sports team service, to administer the club’s registrations. Clicking on the Register Now button below will open a new tab or window in your browser to continue with your online registration. When you are finished registering online you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation, please email the NGS Registrar to confirm your registration was successful: registrar (at)

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